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Depression Prediction Made Easy?

February 19, 20140 Comments

Worried that your teen may suffer from depression at some point in time? New research suggests their could be a simple saliva test for boys that will predict depression. Saliva test may predict depression risk in boys A saliva test for teen boys with mild symptoms of depression might help identify those who will develop […]

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Over-Connected Teens

October 14, 20130 Comments

Social media is just part of life these days. Parents and teens alike are more than willing to log into Facebook and Twitter throughout the day to catch up with friends and family. Is there a danger in being over-connected, though? Is Your Teen Over Connected? Most parents want their teens to have friends and […]

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Is Your Teen Depressed?

September 2, 20130 Comments

Depression is a serious illness. With consequences like lifelong mental health issues and even suicide, spotting the signs of depression in your teen is essential. Spotting teen depression Depression is seen as a very adult problem. In fact, until quite recently many psychiatrists believed children couldn’t suffer from the condition because they weren’t emotionally mature […]

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Understanding the Whys of Teen Depression

May 24, 20130 Comments

Teen depression is scary for parents and teens alike. Knowing more about what causes it, though, is the key to solving the problem. 10 Common Causes for Teenage Depression Adolescence can be a very turbulent and difficult time, even for the most well-adjusted child. Depression strikes teenagers and adults alike, and can have far-reaching implications […]

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Fathers May Help Prevent Depression in Teen Girls

May 20, 20130 Comments

Teen girls don’t always make it possible to be very involved in their lives, but making sure Dad stays involved is an absolute must according to one new study. Absent dad link to teen depression in females GIRLS who are left by their fathers before the age of five are more likely to develop depression […]

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Teen Depression a Worldwide Problem

March 27, 20130 Comments

Teen depression is a real concern for parents and teens, but US teens certainly aren’t alone in their struggle. A new report by the WHO suggests that people from around the world are in the same boat. Everything hurts – inside the teen depression epidemic Here are some startling figures for you to grapple with: […]

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Teen Depression Doesn’t Predict Future Problems

February 18, 20130 Comments

Teen depression is a real concern for any parent, but the idea that it could lead to problems in later life, particularly violent behavior, is a much bigger concern. In light of recent national incidents like the Sandy Hook shooting, a new study proves good news for many parents. STUDY: Teen Depression Isn’t Linked To […]

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When it Comes to Depression, Knowledge May Help Parents

January 25, 20130 Comments

There are few things that can make parents feel quite as helpless as teen depression. Your teen is an emotional wreck, but there’s almost nothing you can do to help. Fortunately, there are a few things that might help parents understand what teens are dealing with, creating a more positive situation, as one mental health […]

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Helping Your Teen Tackle Depression

January 14, 20132 Comments

Depression among teens certainly isn’t an uncommon condition. Statistics suggest as many as 20% of all teens will end up with depression at some point during this difficult age span. For parents trying to help teens deal with what may seem like an overwhelming problem, the task at hand can be difficult. Fortunately, there are […]

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