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Making Discipline Stick!

March 28, 20140 Comments

Once they reach a certain age, it can be tough to make sure those punishments stick. From grounding teens to taking away their electronics and cars, coming up with the right punishment is tough enough. Making it stick is even harder. Grounded! How to Make Discipline Work Yikes – your teen’s grades have dropped to […]

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Staying Motivated Through The Spring

March 12, 20140 Comments

As the weather gets warmer, it becomes increasingly difficult to stay motivated in the classroom. Teens just want to be free for the summer. Wondering how to keep them on track? This article can help. Child Losing Steam? How to Keep Kids and Teens Motivated at School Is your child or teen fighting with you […]

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Your Teen is Watching You

February 12, 20140 Comments

You probably remember the days when your teen was younger, and you had to carefully monitor your behavior so they didn’t replicate your actions. Did you know that they’ll do that as teens too? Six things your teen/tween is learning from you Raising a teen or tween can make you feel as though their friends […]

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One More Reason to Sit Down Together For Dinner

January 22, 20140 Comments

While you might have your own reasons for not sitting together at dinner every night, the evidence is mounting that it’s particularly important for families with teenagers. A recent British study suggests sitting at the table together every night may cut teen truancy while providing a number of other benefits. Truancy down when teens eat […]

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Teens Under Pressure

January 8, 20140 Comments

It seems most of us are under some amount of stress these days, and nowhere is that more true than in the teen population. While adults have the ability to handle heavy stress, most teens don’t, and teaching them how to do just that is a must. SOS for stressed out teens Teens are feeling […]

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9 – 5 Parenting Not Always Best With Teens

January 3, 20140 Comments

Looking for a way to become better parents to your teen? It’s possible that with both of you on a 9 – 5 schedule, you could be doing more harm than good. ‘Tag-Team’ Parents Better Than 9 To 5 Parents “Tag-Team” parenting with non-traditional work schedules can be best for raising teenagers, according to new […]

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Better Parenting in 2014

January 1, 20140 Comments

Many parents make resolutions for the new year. Some even make resolutions about how they’ll parent their teens. Want to make a change, but you’re not sure where to begin? Here are a few tips that can help. Parenting a teenager As any parent of teens can tell you, parenting teenagers is often a bumpy […]

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Raising Teens – One Parent’s Story

December 4, 20130 Comments

Raising teens is never an easy task, but checking in with other parents who share some of the same challenges can help keep you grounded. Check out this parent (and his teen’s) story. The Stress of Parenting a Teen — and My Teen’s Rebuttal My daughter recently turned 13, ushering in that infamous stage known […]

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Teen Driving Help A Click Away

November 27, 20130 Comments

Worried about your teen on the road? You’re certainly not alone, but it can be difficult to locate the right resources to help keep your teen safe. Toyota’s new online platform, though, seeks to do exactly that. Toyota launches TeenDrive365 The first year a teenager gets their driver’s license will be one of the most […]

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Testy Teen? These Tips Can Help

November 4, 20130 Comments

Teen temper tantrums are almost as complex as toddler temper tantrums. Unfortunately, they usually end far worse. Here are some tips that may help you get through the next one. How Parents Can Learn To Tame A Testy Teenager If you’re the parent of a teenager, this may sound familiar: “Leave me alone! Get out […]

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