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Who Suffers The Most During the Teen Years?

March 17, 20140 Comments

Dealing with a teen or more than one can be nothing short of frustrating. For many parents, it’s easily the worst part of parenting. Is it as bad for teens as it is for parents? The Collateral Damage of a Teenager It’s a warm evening in Lefferts Gardens, Brooklyn, and six mothers, all connected through […]

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Psst! Secret Parenting Info Here!

January 10, 20140 Comments

Need a few secrets to get through this parenting your teen thing? Here are a few you absolutely want to check out. 5 Secrets to Getting Along with Your Teenager The teen years are often feared. There seems to be a belief that this stage is going to suck and there’s nothing you or anyone […]

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Noise Hazards and Your Teen

November 25, 20130 Comments

How worried are you about hearing loss with your teen? Not very many parents are, but a new study suggests they probably should be. Parents Clueless About Dangers of Noise Hazards? One in six teens has some degree of preventable hearing loss, but few parents warn their kids to turn down their iPods or avoid […]

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How Safe Is Your Teen In After School Sports?

November 6, 20130 Comments

You’ve probably read study after study that suggests team sports, and sports in general, are great for teens. With so much evidence coming out about the dangers of concussions and the like in sporting events, though, how safe is your teen? Sports Injuries: Protect Your Child Minor head injuries suffered in school sports can have […]

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Talk to Your Teen Now With These Tips!

October 28, 20130 Comments

Communication is a must among parents and teens. You see that advice right here all of the time. But how do you actually get them to talk to you? These tips can help. 5 Tips to Get Your Teenagers Talking Is it just me, or do you sometimes struggle getting teenagers to open up and […]

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Nature vs. Nurture and Raising Teens

October 25, 20130 Comments

You’re probably quite familiar with the nature vs. nurture debate in a number of different settings. One columnist, though, believes it applies to teen mood swings just as much as it does anything else. Good manners come from good parenting The “their biology makes them do it!” hypothesis concerning the oft-horrid behavior of today’s teens […]

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Keeping Your Teen Safe Online is Your Job

October 9, 20130 Comments

Despite what you think, your teen is nowhere near as safe online as you’d like him or her to be. A new survey suggests teens may not know quite as much as adults tend to assume they do. Survey: Teens not as cyber savvy as parents might think While some parents may not know a […]

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Broken Hearted Teen? These Tips Can Help

October 7, 20130 Comments

Sooner or later, your teen is going to suffer from a broken heart. Whether it’s the loss of a pet, a friend moving away, or the dreaded relationship end, knowing how to deal with your teen’s feelings is not only important to him or her, but it’s important to the future of your relationship with […]

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Twitter Safety and Your Teen

October 4, 20130 Comments

If your teen is like most, maintaining a rich social media presence is a must in today’s world. For parents, this is often a concern, though, as internet safety is at the top of their list of concerns. Fortunately, there’s a way to balance things out. These tips can help. Internet Safety For Kids: Tips […]

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How Risky Is Your Teen’s Behavior?

October 2, 20130 Comments

If your teen were doing something dangerous, would you actually know? How would you check to make certain your teen wasn’t doing something that might hurt himself or another individual? Many parents don’t have a clue, and what’s worse, is that they might have trouble detecting threats to their teens. Sexting and Slang: Detecting teens’ […]

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