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Bullying Prevention and Recovery

November 22, 20130 Comments

Bullying is one of the hottest topics among parents and teens alike. How do you prevent it? How do you help a teen who has already experienced it? These tips can help. Preventing and recovering from bullying — what works and what doesn’t For the past several days I’ve taken a deep dive into the […]

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Even Bullies Have Parents

August 14, 20130 Comments

Bullying cases seem to hit the media almost daily. In every single one, though, it’s rare to see parents even mentioned. This fact hasn’t gone unnoticed by Columnist Joanna Weiss. In bullying cases, where are the parents? Where were the parents? That’s what crossed my mind when I read about the lawsuit against Concord-Carlisle High […]

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Anti-Bullying Remains at Forefront of Many Minds

July 22, 20130 Comments

As a new school year dawns on the minds of many, there are lots of concerns. Anti-bullying, though, seems to remain at the top of many lists, including that of the recently named 23-year-old Miss Arkansas. New Miss Arkansas to promote anti-bullying message Newly crowned Miss Arkansas Amy Crain said Sunday that she will spend […]

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Preventing Bullying Through Sports

May 6, 20130 Comments

School sports have a number of positive effects on a teen’s life, but a recent study suggests yet another one – they can prevent teens from becoming the victims of bullies. As odd as it may seem, joining the swim team could make certain your teen isn’t involved in a bullying incident this year. School […]

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The Consequences of Legislating Bullying

May 3, 20130 Comments

Bullying is, unquestionably, a serious problem for teens and adults alike. The results can be devastating. Because of the growing concern surrounding bullying, many states are enacting legislation that hoped to put an end to the practice. Instead, it’s landing teens and younger kids in the courtroom. Under strict bullying law, kid who called classmate […]

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New Bullying Legislation Holds Teachers Accountable

March 29, 20130 Comments

Bullying is a serious problem, but who is really at fault? A new bill working through the Wisconsin legislature suggests teachers may not be at fault, but should be held accountable for this behavior. Bullying bill would create fines for teachers Teachers and other school district employees would face $200 fines if they fail to […]

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Bullying Leads to Lawsuit

March 18, 20130 Comments

Few can argue that bullying is one of the most serious topics today. A problem that can lead to greater issues, including suicide, bullying must be dealt with quickly and efficiently. Despite that fact, though, many school districts still don’t make the effort to deal with the problem, and one victim is holding them accountable. […]

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Bullying Special May Be Worthwhile for Parents and Teens Alike

February 22, 20130 Comments

One of the most devastating parts of bullying is the feelings of loneliness that so often accompany it. Bullied teens routinely feel like they’re the only ones in the world who have to deal with bullies. They regularly feel like no one else cares about their problems. Combating that image is half the battle with […]

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New Bill May Make Utah Parents Part of Solution in Suicide and Bullying Cases

February 20, 20130 Comments

Teen bullying and threats of suicide are always serious. Unfortunately, when they happen at school, parents aren’t always notified of a problem. A new bill working its way through the Utah senate, though, seeks to change that. Bill to notify parents of suicide threats, bullying quickly advanced by Senate committee Schools would be required to […]

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Oklahoma Unveils New Bullying Bill

February 15, 20130 Comments

Teen bullying is a real problem, but Oklahoma stands to do something stronger than simply condemn it. Instead, they’ve created legislation to help prevent bullying in and out of the classroom. Bullying bill deserves support of all Oklahomans Student participants in the Oklahoma Center for Community and Justice’s “Middletown” program say they have been teased and […]

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