New Social Network Geared Toward Tweens and Teens : Parent and Teen Connection

New Social Network Geared Toward Tweens and Teens

January 11, 20130 Comments

893839_video_games_fanWhile your tween or teen may have a social networking account with a big player like Facebook, the reality is that not only are those sites sometime too mature for him or her, there are age restrictions that can prevent membership. Despite that, though, social networks do have some positive benefits. The answer to a dilemma like this one? A new social network designed just for tweens and younger teens, of course!

Eleven Year-Old Launches Social Network For Kids

After being kicked off of Facebook for age restrictions twice, preteen Zach Marks decided to build his own social network for kids. When he was eleven he borrowed $2,500 from his older brother to help finance his endeavor and now at twelve, his site Grom Social off the ground.

The free social network is for kids aged 16 and under. Like other social networks you can use the site to connect and share with friends. In addition, it also includes lots of free content like video games, sports and entertainment news, and tips on how to stay healthy. It even includes tutors to help kids out with school and safety tips for kids who are staying home alone from school. Parents can get involved and create a parental account, available to people over the age of 16, to check up on their kids’ activity on the site.

The site has its own apps and includes integration with Instagram and Twitter. It’s worth pointing out that Instagram’s age limit is 13 years old and while Twitter got rid of its 13 year-old limit, users under 18 are required parental permission to use the site.

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It can be tough to decide which sites are right for your younger teens and which ones aren’t, but this appears to be the perfect way to let tweens and teens participate in the world of social media without the downside of being part of more adult sites like Facebook.

New Social Network Geared Toward Tweens and Teens

Article: New Social Network Geared Toward Tweens and Teens

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