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Chores May Help Prevent Teen Suicide

January 17, 20130 Comments

1389105_happy_familyTeen suicide is, undeniably, a complex issue. While there are no easy answers to the problem, keeping a teen grounded within your family may actually help. One New York Times blogger struggling with the issue goes so far as to say responsibilities may prove useful.

Could Responsibilities Help Prevent Teenage Suicide?

What if real, genuine, whine-inducing, independence-producing responsibility could act as a life-line of sorts? The kind of responsibility that the youth leader remembers. The kind that assures kids that they’re necessary cogs in their family machine. The kind that involves them in relationship. The kind that puts meat on the words “you belong.”

I don’t diminish the clinical nature of mental illness or presume an answer to psychosis. I certainly don’t question the connectedness of the clinically depressed that have walked that road. But with prevention in mind, isn’t anything worth discussing? If  “family connectedness” could play a role in helping my own teenagers through the emotional turmoil of adolescence, then family connectedness is what they’re going to get.

At least one study suggests that the responsibilities that create that connection don’t have to be monumental. Regular stuff counts. Even small tasks like taking out the trash, doing laundry, cooking dinner, or teaching your little brother how to brush his teeth then helping him each night can offer solid grounding for a child.

Read the full article at The New York Times.

While you can never completely prevent teen suicide, learning a few things that may be helpful to dealing with teen depression is a must for any parent.

Chores May Help Prevent Teen Suicide

Article: Chores May Help Prevent Teen Suicide

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