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Anti-Bullying Remains at Forefront of Many Minds

July 22, 20130 Comments

883989_princess_crownAs a new school year dawns on the minds of many, there are lots of concerns. Anti-bullying, though, seems to remain at the top of many lists, including that of the recently named 23-year-old Miss Arkansas.

New Miss Arkansas to promote anti-bullying message

Newly crowned Miss Arkansas Amy Crain said Sunday that she will spend her year promoting an anti-bullying message that is based on her own experiences.

The 23-year-old Hot Springs woman, who was crowned Miss Arkansas on Saturday night, said she moved from El Dorado to Hot Springs to complete her high school education after being the subject of bullying when she was a 16-year-old junior. She told The Associated Press that she started getting crude messages and that it escalated from there.

“I eventually received some death threats,” said Crain, who competed in the pageant as Miss Diamond Lakes.

Crain, who was selected from among 45 contestants, said she plans to take her message to students statewide.

“I’ll talk to them about the emotions that it brought out in me,” she said. “My hope is to relate to kids on an emotional level, I want kids to understand the severity of this problem, I want to explain what I’ve been through and the effect it had to me.”

Crain said that while she carries no emotional scars from her experience, “there’s still moments,” when she thinks about her experiences.

Read more at The Sacramento Bee.
Bullying is one problem that isn’t going away any time soon, particularly for teens. Talk to your teen about avoiding bullies and avoiding becoming a bully before this year gets underway.

Anti-Bullying Remains at Forefront of Many Minds

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