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Teenage Behavior Problems

Not Quite Adults

March 26, 20140 Comments

It’s probably happened more than once. The two of you spend an evening having a great time together, and you go to bed with a sense of pride welling up inside over the fact that you’ve raised such a wonderful young man. The next morning, though, it’s a completely different story. He’s almost late for […]

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Homework, Lying, and What You Can Do

March 24, 20140 Comments

Teens lying about schoolwork is more common than you think. Wondering what you should do? Here are some tips that can help. Lying About Schoolwork “That teacher is a jerk!” Thirteen-year-old Alex yelled at his mother. He continued, “Mom, you always blame me for everything. Lots of people in my class did not turn those […]

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Depression Prediction Made Easy?

February 19, 20140 Comments

Worried that your teen may suffer from depression at some point in time? New research suggests their could be a simple saliva test for boys that will predict depression. Saliva test may predict depression risk in boys A saliva test for teen boys with mild symptoms of depression might help identify those who will develop […]

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The Complexities of Cutting

February 5, 20140 Comments

There are few behaviors that frighten parents of teens quite as much as those that are self-injurious. Cutting is just such a behavior, and unfortunately, statistics indicate it’s on the rise among teens. Just scratching the surface with cutting The mother is concerned when she notices scratches all up and down her teenage daughter’s arm. […]

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One More Reason to Sit Down Together For Dinner

January 22, 20140 Comments

While you might have your own reasons for not sitting together at dinner every night, the evidence is mounting that it’s particularly important for families with teenagers. A recent British study suggests sitting at the table together every night may cut teen truancy while providing a number of other benefits. Truancy down when teens eat […]

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Eating Disorders Cross Gender Lines

December 18, 20130 Comments

Parents of teen girls are often concerned about eating disorders, and with good reason. They can be a serious problem. Unfortunately, parents of teen boys need to be just as concerned. Eating disorders plague teenage boys,too Bryan Piperno was just 9 years old when he began keeping his secret. The Simi Valley, Calif., youngster tossed […]

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Sexting Behavior Depends On Peer Influences

December 16, 20130 Comments

Worried about teen sexting? You probably should be. The problem, though, is that a new study suggests whether or not your teen chooses to sext doesn’t depend on you. It depends on his or her peers. Teenagers Listen To Peers When It Comes To Sexting A quarter of American teenagers say they’ve sexted at least […]

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The Connection Between Facebook and Eating Disorders In Your Teen

December 11, 20130 Comments

Eating disorders are a real problem among teens. Facebook use among teens has been skyrocketing for years. Are the two actually connected? Research says Facebook could actually create an eating disorder in some teens. Could Facebook trigger eating disorders? Teenage girls who spend hours looking at posted photos ‘develop poor body image’ Teenage girls who […]

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Sleep Texting and Your Teen

December 9, 20130 Comments

Have a teen who falls asleep, phone in hand? It’s not quite as uncommon as  you think, but it could lead to an entirely new problem, sleep texting. It’s not only strange for those receiving the message, but also a bit weird for your teen as well. Sleep texting latest teen disorder Olivia Priedeman, 17, […]

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Keeping Your Teen From Drugs

November 18, 20130 Comments

Drugs and teens seem to go hand in hand sometimes, but there isn’t a parent alive who doesn’t want his or her teen to turn to drugs. Keeping them away from this temptation may not be simple, but it is possible. Teen drug abuse: Help your teen avoid drugs Teens who experiment with drugs put […]

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