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Parenting Teenagers

Making Discipline Stick!

March 28, 20140 Comments

Once they reach a certain age, it can be tough to make sure those punishments stick. From grounding teens to taking away their electronics and cars, coming up with the right punishment is tough enough. Making it stick is even harder. Grounded! How to Make Discipline Work Yikes – your teen’s grades have dropped to […]

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Not Quite Adults

March 26, 20140 Comments

It’s probably happened more than once. The two of you spend an evening having a great time together, and you go to bed with a sense of pride welling up inside over the fact that you’ve raised such a wonderful young man. The next morning, though, it’s a completely different story. He’s almost late for […]

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Stepsons: Some Bonding Tricks That May Work

March 19, 20140 Comments

It’s never easy to make certain that you’re bonding well with stepchildren, but nowhere is that more true than with stepsons, especially once they’ve hit their teen years. Wondering how you can make it all work? These tips may help. How to Bond With Teenage Stepsons Parenting comes with many challenges, but raising a teenage […]

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Who Suffers The Most During the Teen Years?

March 17, 20140 Comments

Dealing with a teen or more than one can be nothing short of frustrating. For many parents, it’s easily the worst part of parenting. Is it as bad for teens as it is for parents? The Collateral Damage of a Teenager It’s a warm evening in Lefferts Gardens, Brooklyn, and six mothers, all connected through […]

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Should You Spy on Your Teen?

March 14, 20140 Comments

It’s not uncommon for teens to feel a bit paranoid that their parents are spying on them. In fact, many parents decide to spy on teens, go through their rooms, and much more on a regular basis. Is this really the right way to go as a parent? Parental dilemma: Whether to spy on their […]

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Staying Motivated Through The Spring

March 12, 20140 Comments

As the weather gets warmer, it becomes increasingly difficult to stay motivated in the classroom. Teens just want to be free for the summer. Wondering how to keep them on track? This article can help. Child Losing Steam? How to Keep Kids and Teens Motivated at School Is your child or teen fighting with you […]

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Overachievement and Your Teen

March 10, 20140 Comments

Overachievement isn’t rare among teens. Unfortunately, though, sometimes it’s the parents of those teens that push them into such a state. Understanding the nature of the beast is the key to taming it. Taming the Overachieving Monster Seventeen-year-old Chicago senior Kyle S. knows what it’s like to be stressed. An A student, he is involved […]

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Grateful Teen Isn’t An Oxymoron!

March 3, 20140 Comments

Looking to help your teen be just a tad more grateful? Don’t worry. It’s not impossible, and these tips can help. Three Tips for Raising Grateful Teens Teens who express gratitude for their situation in life are happier and less likely to be depressed, according to a new study presented at the American Psychological Association’s […]

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National Eating Disorder Awareness Week

February 24, 20140 Comments

Today marks the start of National Eating Disorder Awareness week, a problem thousands of teens struggle with year after year. While eating disorders are hardly confined to the teen population, they certainly have a strong foothold within this group, and being aware of the signs and symptoms is the single best thing you can do […]

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Tackling Rebellious Behavior

February 17, 20140 Comments

Teen rebellion is just part of life, right? Actually, it doesn’t always have to be. Not every teen is rebellious, and even if you have one who is, there are small changes you can make to help offset that behavior. The Secret to Changing Rebellious Teens Whether your teen has issues with substance use, bullying, […]

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