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Common Teenage Problems

Not Quite Adults

March 26, 20140 Comments

It’s probably happened more than once. The two of you spend an evening having a great time together, and you go to bed with a sense of pride welling up inside over the fact that you’ve raised such a wonderful young man. The next morning, though, it’s a completely different story. He’s almost late for […]

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Homework, Lying, and What You Can Do

March 24, 20140 Comments

Teens lying about schoolwork is more common than you think. Wondering what you should do? Here are some tips that can help. Lying About Schoolwork “That teacher is a jerk!” Thirteen-year-old Alex yelled at his mother. He continued, “Mom, you always blame me for everything. Lots of people in my class did not turn those […]

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Overachievement and Your Teen

March 10, 20140 Comments

Overachievement isn’t rare among teens. Unfortunately, though, sometimes it’s the parents of those teens that push them into such a state. Understanding the nature of the beast is the key to taming it. Taming the Overachieving Monster Seventeen-year-old Chicago senior Kyle S. knows what it’s like to be stressed. An A student, he is involved […]

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Helping Your Teen Fight Stress

February 21, 20140 Comments

Any time you’re raising a teen, you’re going to find that teen stress is almost as complex as adult stress, and certainly just as prevalent. Even if you deal well with the stressors in your life, though, your teen may not. Learning how to help can prevent a variety of unhealthy behaviors down the road. […]

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Depression Prediction Made Easy?

February 19, 20140 Comments

Worried that your teen may suffer from depression at some point in time? New research suggests their could be a simple saliva test for boys that will predict depression. Saliva test may predict depression risk in boys A saliva test for teen boys with mild symptoms of depression might help identify those who will develop […]

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Tackling Rebellious Behavior

February 17, 20140 Comments

Teen rebellion is just part of life, right? Actually, it doesn’t always have to be. Not every teen is rebellious, and even if you have one who is, there are small changes you can make to help offset that behavior. The Secret to Changing Rebellious Teens Whether your teen has issues with substance use, bullying, […]

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The Next Step In Helping . . .

February 10, 20140 Comments

Even when you know your teen is having trouble, simply identifying the problem often isn’t enough to fix it. So what do you do next? This article can help. How to Help Your Troubled Teen Many parents can see their teens floundering, but aren’t sure what to do about it.  They might overdo and become […]

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What Did Your Teen Eat This Morning?

February 7, 20140 Comments

Teens don’t always eat as well as they should, especially in the rush of the morning routine. Unfortunately, that behavior pattern could have lasting consequences, according to one new study. Teens’ poor breakfast choices predict later health problems Teenagers who didn’t eat a good breakfast were more likely to be obese and have elevated blood […]

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Help Your Teen Keep the Ability to Hear!

January 29, 20140 Comments

It’s long been known that teens expose themselves to the potential of hearing damage every time they jam earbuds in or head to a loud concert. Is there actually something you can do about it? Absolutely. Preventing Hearing Loss in Teenagers Most people wouldn’t think of getting into a car anymore without buckling up. It’s […]

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Want Teens to Stop Sexting? Try Connecting!

January 24, 20140 Comments

Teen sexting has been a huge media issue recently, and it’s a concern for many parents as well. New research indicates that simply connecting with your teens may keep sexting problems at bay. Parental connection, not restriction, discourages teen sexting Parents who wish to shield their children from exchanging sexually explicit images and texts on […]

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