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Homework, Lying, and What You Can Do

March 24, 20140 Comments

Teens lying about schoolwork is more common than you think. Wondering what you should do? Here are some tips that can help. Lying About Schoolwork “That teacher is a jerk!” Thirteen-year-old Alex yelled at his mother. He continued, “Mom, you always blame me for everything. Lots of people in my class did not turn those […]

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Helping Your ADHD Teen Write Well

March 7, 20140 Comments

Raising a good writer is difficult, but it’s far more so if your teen suffers from ADHD. Fortunately, there are ways to ensure your teen’s written communication skills are up to par. Writing Help for Teens with ADHD To write a five-paragraph essay, pretend you are a big-budget movie director. If you’re like most teens, […]

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ADHD Parenting: A Real Trick

November 20, 20130 Comments

If you have a teen who has ADHD, you may already understand the difficulties you face. If your teen was recently diagnosed with ADHD, you have a tough road ahead. Either way, learning to deal with the nuances can be difficult, but these tips can help. 14 Tips for Parenting ADHD Teens ADHD teens often […]

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Create a 504 Plan Early for ADHD Teens

September 9, 20130 Comments

Many ADHD students have 504 plans, but when you get ready to work with your teen’s school to build one, go for earlier rather than later. How Creating a 504 Plan in the Earlier Years Can Benefit Teens with ADHD Our primary back to school focus this year has been getting Reagan ready for college. […]

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Texting and Driving Particularly Cumbersome for ADHD Teens

August 19, 20130 Comments

Texting and driving is a terrible combination for anyone. Add a problem like ADHD to that mix, and for teens, you have serious issues on your hands. ADHD, Texting a Bad Combo for Driving Teens Teen drivers with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) maintain a less consistent speed and veer out of their lane more often than […]

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School is Here – Are Parents of ADHD Teens Ready?

August 12, 20130 Comments

It’s time to start school again, and if your younger teen is headed to middle school, you may be in the midst of a crisis. Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be too bad. Keep It Together in Middle School: Your Organized ADHD Teen The school environment changes in the middle years. Instead of loads of […]

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Does Your Teen Actually Have ADHD?

May 1, 20130 Comments

ADHD numbers have been on the rise for years now, and studies have suggested 11% of kids are now diagnosed with ADHD. Hundreds of teens enter high school every year with ADHD diagnoses. Unfortunately, many researchers now think many cases of ADHD could be simple sleep deprivation. Diagnosing the Wrong Deficit Many theories are thrown […]

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Have an ADHD Teen Headed For College? New Problems May Be On the Horizon

April 22, 20130 Comments

While there’s little doubt that teens struggle with ADHD, most parents think they’ll learn to manage the condition eventually with the right guidance. Unfortunately, college tends to present an entirely new set of problems for ADHD teens. Students with ADHD find new challenges in college life Matthew A. Jarrett, an assistant psychology professor at the […]

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Living with ADHD? Move into the Sun!

April 12, 20130 Comments

For parents and teens dealing with ADHD, the emotional roller coaster is a tough road. You know your teen can succeed, but everything seems to be against him at once. Interestingly enough, there may be a very natural cure at hand – the sun. Sunnier Climes Linked to Lower ADHD Risk Living in geographic areas […]

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ADHD – More than Medication

February 25, 20130 Comments

For some parents and teens, ADHD means medication and more medication. Is that really all there is to solving the problem? In some cases, experts and doctors may recommend your teen see an ADHD therapist. Not sure where to get started? This article could be helpful. How to Pick an ADHD Therapist Who’s Right for […]

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