Oklahoma Unveils New Bullying Bill : Parent and Teen Connection

Oklahoma Unveils New Bullying Bill

February 15, 20130 Comments

3446331915_e53a49436cTeen bullying is a real problem, but Oklahoma stands to do something stronger than simply condemn it. Instead, they’ve created legislation to help prevent bullying in and out of the classroom.

Bullying bill deserves support of all Oklahomans

Student participants in the Oklahoma Center for Community and Justice’s “Middletown” program say they have been teased and tormented for various reasons. These students consistently state that they do not tell an adult for fear the bullying will worsen.

Bullying does not discriminate; it can affect students of any background and in recent years, studies and anecdotal evidence show that bullying is no longer confined to school hallways and cafeterias.

Oklahoma may be poised to take much-needed action. On Feb. 5, HB 1661 went to the House Common Education Committee. This legislation is intended to update and strengthen the existing “Bullying Prevention Act,” expanding the definition of electronic communication, setting requirements for all school employees to report suspected harassment and provide anti-bullying training for students and educators.

In these three proposed additions, schools and communities across the state can take proactive steps to ensure that another child is not lost to bullying.

Read more about the potential bullying bill at TulsaWorld.com.

No student deserves to be bullied, and steps like the one Oklahoma is taking may put an end to this problem very soon.

Oklahoma Unveils New Bullying Bill

Article: Oklahoma Unveils New Bullying Bill

Author: Sanjay Meshri & Shane Fernadez

Source: TulsaWorld.com



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