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Bullying Prevention and Recovery

November 22, 20130 Comments

bullyingBullying is one of the hottest topics among parents and teens alike. How do you prevent it? How do you help a teen who has already experienced it? These tips can help.

Preventing and recovering from bullying — what works and what doesn’t

For the past several days I’ve taken a deep dive into the world of bullying and cyberbullying at two back-to-back conferences – the Family Online Safety Institute (FOSI) conference inWashington DC last week and, this week, the International Bullying Prevention Association (IBPA) conference in Nashville.

Even though I was bullied as a child and recently co-write the free booklet, A Parents Guide to Cyberbullying I’m certainly no expert, but after listening to expert after expert, I have learned a bit about the nature of bullying and what can be done to prevent it and  deal with it once it occurs.

No simple answers

One thing is clear that there are no simple answers or silver bullets. Whether online or in-person, the nature of bullying depends on the people involved, the school and community climate and how others around them respond. And though there are some special aspects of cyberbullying that make it somewhat different, cyberbullying is still bullying and it has much more to do with the relationship between those involved than the particular technology that’s being used to carry it out.  Experts also report that there is often a nexus between school bullying and cyberbullying.  It might start in school and continue online or vice versa but it is often connected and it’s highly likely that the people involved in cyberbullying know each other from the physical world.

What youth say works

There are plenty of adult opinions about bullying but, in preparation for their recent book, Youth Voice Project, authors Stan Davis and Charisse Nixon conducted a survey of 13,177 students in 31 schools across 12 states to find out what young people thought about how to both prevent and recover from bullying. One thing they found is that  “when a school works to build clear definitions of respectful behavior with meaningful student involvement, most students will uphold and follow those behavioral standards.”

Read more at Safe Kids.

The threat of bullying to your teen is very real. Tuning in is the only real way you can help.

Bullying Prevention and Recovery

Article: Bullying Prevention and Recovery

Author: Larry Magrid

Source: Safe Kids


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