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Helping Your Teen Tackle Depression

January 14, 20132 Comments

Depression among teens certainly isn’t an uncommon condition. Statistics suggest as many as 20% of all teens will end up with depression at some point during this difficult age span. For parents trying to help teens deal with what may seem like an overwhelming problem, the task at hand can be difficult. Fortunately, there are […]

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Reading Skill Level Linked to Teen Pregnancy

January 4, 20130 Comments

There are unquestionably some risk factors for teen pregnancy, but a new study has suggested one risk factor you may not have considered: your teen’s reading skills. The idea itself, though, isn’t very farfetched. Lack of education has always been considered a risk factor for teen pregnancy, and poor reading skills are only an extension […]

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New Research Shows Prevalence of Online Bullying

January 2, 20130 Comments

Think online bullying isn’t a part of your teen’s life? You may want to rethink that. New research out of the UK suggests as many as one in five teens are experience online bullying, and the results of this kind of targeting can be nothing short of terrifying to parents and teens alike. Teens in […]

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Monitoring Your Teen’s Relationships

December 31, 20120 Comments

No parent wants to feel as if they’re intruding on their teen’s privacy, but sometimes, it’s a fairly important parenting step, particularly when it comes to relationships. The problem here is that teens are still children. They still don’t have the level of maturity necessary to make good decisions all of the time, so when […]

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Talking to Your Teen About Alcohol

December 28, 20120 Comments

It can be tough to have the big conversation with your teen, but letting him or her know exactly how you feel about underage drinking is an absolute must. This is not the time to be unclear, and it’s certainly not the time to turn a blind eye, hoping this is a problem that simply […]

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Bullying Leads to Greater Want for Plastic Surgery

December 26, 20120 Comments

The effects of bullying can be devastating on many, but these days, there’s a real concern that those emotional scars could lead to physical ones. A recent report from Radio Iowa said that teens who are bullied often look to plastic surgery as a solution. More Iowa kids turn to plastic surgery to avoid bullying […]

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Teen Pregnancy Still a Problem in NM

December 24, 20120 Comments

While a CDC report earlier this year suggested teen pregnancy was on the decline, some areas are still struggling with this problem. New Mexico is just one of many states dealing with high teen pregnancy rates, and while there are programs in place that hope to lower instances of teen motherhood, they’re clearly not as […]

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New ADHD Treatment May Be On Screen

December 21, 20120 Comments

Parents who deal with teens who have ADHD often find the treatments as hard to swallow as their teens do. What if the treatments were easier to deal with, though? What if they were as simple as playing a video game? Atentiv to launch game-based ADHD treatment in 2013 Attention deficit disorders are a growing […]

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Teen Self-Harm Statistics Increase in UK

December 19, 20120 Comments

There as long been concerns about teens harming themselves, but in the UK, statistics indicated the number of teenagers engaging in such behavior is on the increase. That not only leads to worry about such behaviors across the pond, but also the concern that the increase in such behaviors could spread to the U.S. Worrying […]

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Talking to Teens About the Sandy Hook Tragedy

December 17, 20120 Comments

Thanks to today’s incessant connectivity, the chances are good that your teen is at least familiar with the tragedy that occurred at the Sandy Hook Elementary School late last week. Helping him or her work through this terrifying occurrence, though, can be fairly frightening. Not sure what to say or even how to approach the […]

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