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Smartphones May Not Always Be Helpful

November 19, 20120 Comments

Smartphones are undeniably a part of almost every teenager’s life, but they offer quite a bit of danger, too, and not just from the mobile shopping or costly app downloads that your teen might engage in. They’re a connection to almost everyone everywhere, including those you wouldn’t want your teen associated with. You may already know that “sexting” is a real problem among teens, but even if your teen isn’t engaging in the behavior, those who know your teen might be as the family involved in the case below quickly learned.

Mississippi Teacher, Preacher Arrested For Sexting Text Messages To Student For Sex

A Christian Academy teacher and preacher, who is also the pastor’s son, is the talk after being indicted following an arrest for sending sexually explicit text messages to a 15 year-old student and asking her to meet up with him.

Benjamin Bishop, 25, who taught and reportedly ministered at Victory Christian Academy and Victory Apostolic Church in New Albany, MS is accused of sexting a church school student and having the intent to coerce and seduce the teen into having sex with him.

According to WREG, the father of the teen girl, who is also a church member, stated that Benjamin Bishop exchanged dozens of messages with his daughter on Facebook and he had even asked her to use the mobile app Voxer due to it being highly encrypted.

In a message, Benjamin Bishop told her that the messages exchanged on the cellphone app Voxer Walkie-Talkie PTT is hard to trace and the police would not be able to obtain the messages without having the phone itself.

The father, who has not been disclosed, told the CBS affiliate that he felt betrayed by Benjamin Bishop and got whiff of the information after his teen daughter went to a family member in which she revealed what Bishop was trying to do.

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As handy as a smartphone might be for your teen, there are all sorts of dangers involved too. Talk to your teen about smartphone use and encourage him or her to let you know of any problems that occur.

 Smartphones May Not Always Be Helpful

Article:  Smartphones May Not Always Be Helpful
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