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Make Valentine’s Day a Family Holiday

February 14, 20140 Comments

red-velvet-cupcake-1438194-mWhen was the last time  you got to express your love to your teen? Today makes the perfect day to do it!

Celebrate Valentine’s Day as a family

Valentine’s Day isn’t just for sweethearts. It’s a time to show the people in our lives that we love them, including our children.

Instead of spending the evening with your significant other, why not make it a family affair?

Here are some ideas to make the day special for families or children with single parents:

• Make it a movie night. Pop a big bowl of popcorn and watch family-friendly movies such as “Up” or “Lady and the Tramp.”

• Bake together. Make heart-shaped cookies or even chocolate lollipops.

• Have a game night. Let children pick out their favorite games or possibly buy a new one.

• Cook a romantic dinner, but instead of for two, make it for the family. Give the children a role, whether it be cracking an egg or setting the table or lighting a candle. Allowing children to be involved is what matters.

• If the children are older, allow them to plan the meal by browsing online or through cookbooks, shop for the ingredients, cook it and then set and decorate the table for the occasion.

• Make sure to invest in Valentines for the children. I typically buy my boys chocolate and a movie or book.

• If the power isn’t out, pretend like it is. Build a blanket fort or set up an indoor tent, light some candles and share stories. If married, share about how you and your spouse met and fell in love. If not, make up fictional stories together.

• Get crafty. With Pinterest and other online sites at your fingertips, plan some family-fun crafts centered on Valentine’s Day themes.

• If the weather permits, go out as a family. Go out to dinner or to the movies.

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It’s not every day your teen is willing to let you be sappy. Take the day to do just that.

Make Valentine’s Day a Family Holiday

Article: Make Valentine’s Day a Family Holiday

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