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Grateful Teen Isn’t An Oxymoron!

March 3, 20140 Comments

thank youLooking to help your teen be just a tad more grateful? Don’t worry. It’s not impossible, and these tips can help.

Three Tips for Raising Grateful Teens

Teens who express gratitude for their situation in life are happier and less likely to be depressed, according to a new study presented at the American Psychological Association’s annual meeting in August. The California State University study of more than 700 students age 10 to 14 found grateful teens were more satisfied, happy and hopeful about their lives.
Parents hoping to encourage their teens to count their blessings should tread carefully, however, says Sandy Soenning, PhD, a psychologist with The Menninger Clinic’s Adolescent Treatment Program.
“Whatever you do, don’t lecture them and tell them they should be grateful,” laughs Dr. Soenning. “That approach would only backfire on you.”
She suggests the following ways to encourage gratefulness:
  • Model gratefulness—Frequently give thanks for what you value, such as your home, job, family and friends. Often parents don’t realize the powerful impact they have on their teens, Dr. Soenning says. “While teens may act like they don’t want your advice, they still watch what you do and listen to what you say.”

Read more at The Menninger Clinic.

Finding the path toward a more grateful teen may be difficult, but with a bit of work, the two of you will find it together.

Grateful Teen Isn’t An Oxymoron!

Article: Grateful Teen Isn’t An Oxymoron!

Source: The Menninger Clinic

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